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亚博全站最新网站-重庆目标冲亚冠不放弃 还有友商想租借外援遭拒绝
发布时间:2021-09-22 05:20:01

   Source of the manuscript: Football News, reported by reporter Lu Mi


In the championship group, Chongqing has been relegated in advance. After they loaned Adrian Mezeevsky to R&F, the outside world believes that they have no desires and desires. Moreover, among the eight teams, their strength , Is undoubtedly ranked behind, but they will not miss any chance when they play easily. Coach Zhang Wailong also wants to see how far the team can go.

在冠军组中,重庆已经提前降级。在他们将Adrian Mezeevsky借给R&F之后,外界认为他们没有欲望和欲望。而且,在八支球队中,他们的实力无疑排名倒数,但他们轻松上场不会错过任何机会。张外龙教练也想看看球队能走多远。



   Six consecutive victories are the end of the first stage, and the starting point for the second stage of Chongqing is somewhat high. Next, there are two problems before them. One is to continue to move forward and head-to-head with the opponents in the second stage; the other is to exercise the newcomers as appropriate and prepare for the league next year.


   During the intermittent period of more than ten days, the club rented the core midfielder Meneyevsky to R&F, and this also caused some waves and extreme remarks followed.


   The sudden epidemic at the beginning of the year caused Chongqing’s survival problem and became a real “problem”. The club managers in Wuhan were hit in every way. The survival of the small club is inherently difficult, and now it is even more important to tighten your belt. Under this predicament, the club, with the help and coordination of all aspects of the Chongqing Municipal Government, worked hard to retrieve 5 foreign aids, which enabled the team to exert its strength in the second half of the first stage and beat everyone's expectations. Such a result, even the players themselves dare not think.


   After relegation in advance, the team rented out Mezeyevsky. Optimistically, this is a smart business decision, and the players themselves are willing to cooperate.


   And this, in fact, also shows the attitude of the club, that is, not to give up-with the purpose of learning from a strong team and challenging the limits of oneself, the team is willing to fight hard. At the press conference before the match, Zhang Wailong said: "The whole club's yearning for better results and qualification for the AFC is unchanged."




   "In the first game of the second stage, I believe there will be a lot of difficulties. But we have made all the preparations, including overcoming difficulties, and I believe the players will play well tomorrow." Zhang Wailong said. From the perspective of overall strength, Chongqing does not have much advantage in the championship group. It was originally intended to be relegated, but now it is in the championship group. Therefore, the mentality is relatively relaxed, and this is actually the team's biggest advantage.


   AFC qualification is an unattainable dream for Chongqing, but opponent Suning is aiming at this goal. The charm of the knockout round is that after 180 minutes of the first round, you can be among the top four in the championship group, and one foot will enter the AFC qualification gate. Since returning to the Super League in 2015, this is the Chongqing distance The last time he qualified for the championship, and the AFC has always been in Zhang Wailong's heart. He mentioned it when he first coached in the 2016 season.


   This kind of game has never been played in Chongqing. During this period, what they have done the most is the psychological construction of the players, and they strive to be themselves in the second stage.


   After Mezeyevsky left the team, the position of the midfield organizer was vacant. How to solve it is a problem that Zhang Wailong needs to solve.


"Mezeyevsky's absence did have a great adverse effect on our offense. However, everyone in our team knows that football is not played by one person, but on the whole. Therefore, this vacancy, We are ready." Zhang Wailong said before that the position of Mezeyevsky is currently unavailable in the team, but the game has to be played and there must be someone in the top position. In the current team, the double midfielder is basically determined to be a combination of Huang Xiyang and Chen Jie, and Jiang Zhe can replace it when there is no problem with the position of the full back. In addition, Yin Congyao is a full-time midfielder. This season, he has improved a lot and can get more exercise. In addition, although Feng Jin and Fernandinho are both wide players, after Zhang Wailong arrived, the two often instigated attacks in the middle.


   Against Suning in this game, it can be predicted that Chongqing will rank the strongest lineup among the existing personnel. In terms of foreign aid, given that the four foreign aids took a few more days off than the domestic players, they arrived in Suzhou later and were isolated on the evening of the 17th. How to arrange troops requires Zhang Wailong to make a choice.


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