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[Video-Butler: If you want to win, you have to pass James, otherwise you have to challenge him over and over]


On September 29, Beijing time, Clippers head coach Rivers announced on his personal social media that he would resign as head coach. The news came out and quickly sparked heated discussions among fans and the media. One of the most discussed topics now is who will succeed Rivers and become the new coach of the Clippers.


Judging from the news exposed by many American media, the Clippers’ assistant coach Tyron Lu and Yao Ming’s teacher Van Gundy are considered to be the two popular candidates to replace Rivers, but former NBA star Gary Payton But another candidate was proposed-Kidd, currently an assistant coach for the Lakers.


Payton talked about this point when he participated in a live interview. He first talked about the Clippers and Rivers. Payton believes that the Clippers’ choice is not surprising. , He had a foreboding that Rivers would end get out of class. Because Ballmer did a lot of work during the offseason, sent a lot of draft picks, and finally got Leonard and George. But after a season of running-in, they were turned 3-1 with the Nuggets leading the Nuggets. Not only should Rivers leave, in addition to Leonard and George, there may be people leaving.

佩顿在参加现场采访时谈到了这一点。他首先谈到了快船和河流。佩顿认为快船的选择并不奇怪。 ,他预示着里弗斯将最终退出课堂。因为鲍尔默在休赛期做了很多工作,发送了很多选秀权,最后得到了伦纳德和乔治。但是经过一个赛季的磨合,掘金带领掘金队以3-1战胜了他们。除了伦纳德和乔治,里弗斯不仅要离开,也许还有人要离开。

After that, the host continued to ask Payton, "Then the Clippers are now facing the vacant head coach position. We know that Tyronn Lue is there, but besides him, who else do you think can be qualified for the position of head coach of the Clippers? What? Who will be the next name on Ballmer and Jerry West's list?"

此后,主持人继续问佩顿:“那快船队现在正面临空缺的主教练职位。我们知道泰隆·卢在那儿,但是除了他,您认为还有谁可以胜任主教练职位? “快船?什么?”鲍尔默和杰里·韦斯特的名单上谁叫谁?

In this regard, Payton said, "Ballmer is an energetic owner. He bought the Clippers just to become a winner. He will definitely make big moves because he wants to surpass the Lakers too much. He thinks he is the most The two candidates I want to hire should be Tylen Lue and Kidd. Both of them can meet people's expectations because they both have won championships."

在这方面,佩顿说:“鲍尔默是一个充满活力的老板。他买下快船只是为了成为赢家。他肯定会采取重大行动,因为他想超越湖人。他认为自己是最多的两个候选人。想要雇用的应该是Tylen Lue和Kidd。他们两个都可以满足人们的期望,因为他们都赢得了冠军。”

Especially when talking about Kidd, Payton said, "Kidd is a Hall of Fame player and Mr. Key. He performed very well during his time as head coach. I think Ballmer and Jerry Weiss I really want someone like this. If the Clippers want to go further, consider him."


After Payton’s suggestion was exposed, it immediately aroused heated discussion among fans. Some fans joked, “Is the Clippers ready to dig the Lakers’ corner again? Before the Lakers chased them, they would trade whoever. Hu, now I am planning to dig for the Lakers' assistant again.” Some fans wrote, “Kid is indeed a good choice. Don’t say that the basketball IQ is high, this will really go to the Clippers, at least the Lakers’ tactics. He can figure it all out, and he can target a wave next season."


No one commented, but quiet


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